BOM Policies

Excellence in Ministry Equals Character and Competence

Excellence in Ministry Equals Character and Competence

Our Life Together Ministerial Ethics

Our Life Together Ministerial Ethics

Policy 100

CBOM Candidacy Process Funding

Policy 101

CBOM Clergy Counseling Funds

Policy 102

CBOM Candidates of Board Members who are Relatives

Policy 103

Transfer of Conference Membership

Policy 104

Changing Orders

Policy 105

 BOM Record Retention

Policy 106

Vacation for Clergy

Policy 107

CBOM Continuing Education for Clergy and Lay Professionals

Policy 109

Transfers Recognition Rights OD

Policy 110

Student Ser

Policy 200

Div. of Elder Probatiionary Elder Theological Requirements

Policy 201

Div. of Elders Sem. Student Service Loan

Policy 202

Div. of Elders Extension Min. Student Ser. Loan Repayment

Policy 203

Div. of Elders Probationary Process in State

Policy 205

Div. of Elders Requirements Clergy other denominations

Policy 300

Procedural recommendations for those being certified
(professionally or paraprofessionally) in the Louisiana Conference

Policy 304

Div. of Deacons Theological Studies Requirements

Policy 400

 Div. of LP and AM Process to Become an Associate Member

Policy 402

Div. of LP and AM LPs who Have Not Completed Educational Requirements

Policy 403

Advanced Course of Study Funding

Policy 404

Course of Study Payment

Policy 405