Confidential Clergy Counseling Grants

Who may receive the grants? 

Clergy of the Louisiana conference and/or their immediate family members. 

How much is the grant? 

Grants are for up to $300 per request. 

How do I apply for the grant? 

Send an email to:

CBOM Care & Nurture c/o Kyle Wooldridge: 

Include the name, address (street, city, state, zip code), email address and credentials (the letters behind the name) of the licensed mental health professional for whom you are requesting payment. A confirmation letter will be emailed to you and to the mental health professional.

Additional Services

After consultation with the Chair of the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry, the Care and Nurture Chair has the discretion to authorize funding for alternative types of counseling such as life coaching, nutritional counseling, etc.

How my name is kept confidential?

The name of the client does not go beyond the letter requesting the grant, and is kept absolutely confidential as the process is implemented. The grant is requested through the CBOM Coordinator and Treasurer to be sent to the provider (with no applicant name attached). The CBOM Care & Nurture Chair sends the provider a separate, confidential letter stating for whom the check is to be used when it is received. Records of correspondence from the applicant are seen and kept only by the Chair of Care and Nurture, and are destroyed at the end of each calendar year along with any correspondence sent to the licensed mental health professional. 

How long does the process take? 

The letter of request will be processed within a week from the date of receipt, and the conference office will prepare and send the payment at the next time for check-writing (usually within another week). The applicant requesting the grant is sent a letter verifying that the process is under way. If the applicant has not received a response from the CBOM Care & Nurture Chair within 10 days of making application, please contact the CBOM Care & Nurture Chair to make sure the request was received. 

* Download the Confidential Counseling Grant Brochure

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